Golden Trailer Awards presented to the best movie trailers of the year

The Golden Trailer Awards (GTA) celebrate the hard work editors put into movie trailers to best advertise their films. GTA was founded in 1999 and is based in New York City. Every year thousands of trailers are reviewed and submitted into the dozens of categories featured by GTA. The categories include Best Action, Best Horror, Best Documentary, Best Music, and of course the coveted Best of Show.

The very first Best of Show winner was a trailer for The Matrix .

The preview begins with title screens that directly address the audience and set the stage for the beginning of the film. The first half introduces Neo to The Matrix, letting in on the fact that the world we know is a simulation. It shows us a new world where the laws of physics don’t exactly apply. The second half of the trailer is a montage of action clips advertising the new kinds of special effects the film has to offer. It appeals to audiences who want their films to feature guns, martial arts and more guns. It doesn’t let us in on much of the plot, but I would say it showcases many of the film’s (at the time soon-to-be) iconic scenes.

This 2016 Best of Show award went to a trailer for the film Spotlight.

The trailer is suspense-driven and dramatic. The film’s plot is made very clear, but it doesn’t give away too much. The trailer does an excellent job building tension. The first minute includes lighter, low energy clips. As the trailer progresses the characters become more aggressive, the tempo of the music increases and more intense scenes are introduced. There aren’t any disembodied voices used as narrators, it also relies on title screens to add description. It paints a picture of a dramatic, chaotic, smart film. Spotlight won Best Picture at the 2016 Oscar’s as well.


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