Welcome to The (Movie) Trailer Park, a site dedicated to trailer news and commentary. I grew up loving film, and I remember how special trips to the movie theater with my family were to me. One of the best parts of the experience was watching the trailers roll before the feature film. Even now, I show up to the theater early to make sure I never miss them. So what is it about these previews that excite us? Is it the anticipation of something new? Is it the epic music swelling in the background? Is it the thrill of finding out our favorite actors are returning to the big screen? Or is it the fact that trailers really just happen to be movies in themselves, providing us with a micro-hero’s-journey-experience before the real movie even begins? This site strives to answer these questions as well as determine what exactly makes a good movie trailer good (or not-so-good).

My name is Tyler Christensen, and I am currently a film/journalism student at the University of Iowa. I write, direct and edit my own short films as well as work at a video production company in Iowa City. Some of my favorite films include Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, The Pink Panther (1963), Drinking Buddies, The Hangover and Marvel’s The Avengers.